Thursday, 3 January 2013

Bath and Body Works Haul!

I felt like I haven't blogged in so long, and I've literally missed it so much! I hope you all have thoroughly enjoyed your holidays. So for the past two weeks, I've kind of been stocking up one some Bath and Body products. I started working there as a seasonal associate, and I've been so good at holding back. Recently though, I've had some family birthdays so I've been purchasing for that cause however, I did by myself some items (I waited till they were 
all marked down lol).
So here is all the stuff I've accumulated throughout this week. Half is for me, half of for my mom's birthday tomorrow.
Throughout the holiday season I was eyeing candles that I really wanted, I never picked them up and they sold out so fast. I thought on boxing day the store would re-stock but seeing as I worked that day they had old candles on the floor that were marked down to 50% off and some that were even more cheaper I knew I wanted Spiced Apple Toddy, and a couple others. Luckily yesterday I went to a different Bath and Body Works and I was able to find 3 candles that were not in my store (Spiced Apple, Holiday & Frosted Cupcake).
A total of 5 candles, 3 large ones, and 2 medium ones..

Spiced Apple  Toddy
..was 50% off (12.50 --> $11.25)- smells delicious, like a blend of apple cinnamon) 

($12.50 50% off--> $6.25)- OMG exact smell of cinnamon hearts, love spicy scents they burn so nicely without being too strong)

Warm vanilla Sugar 
($22.50--> 75% off because of the old packaging, so it literally came to $5 something!!!)

Frosted Cupcake
 ($22.50 50% off--> $11.25)Was another scent marked down to 50% off, the scent is amazing. As the name would suggest, it's the exact smell of a yummy cupcake.

Marshmellow Fireside
($22.50 50% of--> $11.25)- I had this candle last year in a mini and it was a favorite of mine then. I knew I had to get my hands on the bigger size. It's brings back memories of summer camping trips with the family.
I got two soaps and from the beginning of the semi-annual sale most soaps were marked down to $3 originally $5.50. I got two of the popular winter scents, Winter Candy Apple which I reviewed, and Vanilla Bean Noel. I recently tried the foaming soaps and I really love them. I recently tried the foaming soaps and I really like them compared to the moisturizing ones. The thicker soaps, take really long to wash off whereas the foaming ones, cleanse effectively,and leave my hands somewhat lightly scented. Winter Candy Apple is the one I picked up for myself which I will be using in my bathroom.  I choose Vanilla Bean for my mum because I know she loves such scents, and it isn't one that is too sweet. 
I was taking to my mom like last week about the fragrance oils/ holders and she was quite interested in them. I thought it would be nice to get her a holder and some scents as she's never tried these ones before. We are both LOVERS of the Bath and Body Works candles so I hope these work just as well. 

Holder- The fragrance oil holder has a glass piece at the top, and a perfect size opening at the bottom to insert the tea light candle. (Originally $10.50, it was 50% off therefore came to $5.25)

The scents..
Moonlight Path- a lovely light blend of lavender, weirdly enough it smells exactly like baby powder. It's soothing, and so relaxing.

Twilight Woods- My mom has both Twilight, and Moon light in body fragrances, since she loves those I knew she would love these. Instead of doing a candle in these scents, I opted for the oils. Twilight is a vanilla with a tinge of musk to it.

Holiday- As a mentioned, holiday is a cinnamon scented fragrance
The scents are 2$ each or 3 for 5$
Select fragrances were $4!!! Can you believe it, they are originally $14 so I thought that was a great deal. 
Love Love Love- I picked up Love Love Love today actually after much deliberation. I always loved it and I'm so happy I just bought it. It's definitely a juicier scent if you know what I mean, very fruity and berry-licious! 

Cashmere Glow- Two weeks ago I was shopping for the cousin, Bath and body had 3 signature items (excluding eau de toilets) for $24. That's a pretty good because alone picking three items costs you about $36+ depending on what you pick up. I got two Winter Candle apple items for the cousin, and I picked up this scent for myself. It's definitely more of a luxurious scent, I absolutely love it. It's got some fruity notes (peach and apricot) as well as some hints of vanilla.

Here is what I have for my mom that is bath and Body works related..
Candles, fragrance oils, shower/ soap dispenser, oil holder, soap, and decorative holder
Plus some other goods from various different stores.

What ever I thought fit best inside the gold holder I placed within and wrapped with cellophane, the other stuff I am just going to stick in a gift bag.
Have you been to BBW recently? What did you end up picking up? 
Are you lusting over any products?


  1. This is such a cute gift! I love the packaging! I have to head over to BBW soon to stock up on some of their seasonal markdown items ;)

    1. Thanks a lot! You really do have to heard over, they have so much stuff marked down. Including old candles (some 50, some 75% off), Shower gels 4$, sprays $4, and some more goodies:D

  2. Oh man that is an amazing gift! and all those candles!! ahh I love burning candles everywhere in the house

    1. Thanks Diana:) So excited to burn them all!!!!!

  3. I can't go into BBW right now.. I'm going to want to buy everything!
    I'm doing the 100 day shopping ban.. wish my luck!
    I'm soo jealous you are working as a seasonal employee there.. that's always been one of the places I would work at for fun!

    1. You know what lol, I held off for so long, that I just needed to buy a couple things.

  4. Bath & Body Works Hauls are the best!!!

  5. I would go crazy working there! I work in a tempting environment as well so it's always hard to say no!

    1. It is cause you constantly go in and out and your shopping list gets 10x longer day by day:P

  6. Great haul dear! You got some really nice stuff! :))


  7. I want candles!