Thursday, 28 February 2013

Thursday Splurge!

I went to the mall today before my class started, and ended up walking out with this beauty.  It was totally unexpected in fact, I had told my friend I just wanted to pop in to see what was new.We darted for the ring table and immediately started trying different ones on. I've always admired Pandora jewelry, I think their stuff is incredibly beautiful and special. Funny thing is I am constantly looking at their rings online, but never would have thought I was going to buy one today. This ring is called "Floral Elegance" it's a band with two tones of silver, that has tiny flower buds strung round it. I used to have a huge obsession with big rings (and still do) but lately I've been into more delicate, dainty pieces; and this is just that! It's a perfect every day ring which I am absolutely in love with.

Price- $45.00 + tax
Pure Sterling Silver
Available @ Pandora/

What's your go-to jewelry item? 
Are you into bolder statement pieces, or small feminine jewelry items?

Friday, 22 February 2013

Eye of the Day ft. Essence Dreaming Under a Cherry Tree

Recently during the week I posted a blog about some new products that caught my eye at Shoppers Drug Mart. Apart of the new arrivals was a collection from Essence called "Cherry Blossom Girl". The collection encompassed a spring feel with both light and bright colors. I picked up the quad palette in 01 labelled  Dreaming Under a Cherry Tree. Dreaming Under a Cherry Tree is a cute little palette, it contains 4 richly pigmented shadows; a natural beige, a peach, orange, and a brown. I love how all these colors blend together. The texture is smooth, and it transfers onto the eye really well. In the pan the shadows did have some fall out, but on the eye they hold up great. Overall, I give this palette a thumbs up! I enjoy using it, the shades are beautiful and very wearable, and the price is really cost effective.

Availability- Shoppers Drug Mart

Now for the eye is sooo hard for me to take these kind of pictures without being so blurry! I know you can't really see much of the shadow in the first two pics but the third picture shows the shades blended together. On my lashes I am wearing Marcelle's Lash Xtension Plus! 
For my lid I used the beige color, I then started working some brown into the crease, I gradually added some more and pulled in some of the orange. I love the effect the orange gives off, it brings in some golden brown hues.
Have you tried any Essence shadows out? Any faves?

Thursday, 21 February 2013

My Top 4 Drugstore Eyeshadow Palettes

My everyday eye consists of neutral smokey eye, even though I have many earthy tone shadows I continue to purchase more. I love using taupes, goldens, and darker browns to enhance my eyes, I also find it suitable for day to day wear. Here are 4 of my top drugstore palettes. I find myself gravitated towards these 4 the most, they get much use!
  Pictured here is: Quo Back to Basics Palette  Wet N' Wild Comfort Zone Palette  Essence Sun Club, and Wet N' Wild Walking on Eggshells. 
 Wet N' Wild Comfort Zone is truly the perfect earthy tone palette. It's got a total of 8 shades in it, 4 of which are browns, and 4 that are variations of green. As many of you know these shadows are intensely pigmented, there soft, smooth, and apply to the eyes with ease. The shadows have a tinge of frost to them, the bottom green shade is really unique because it is duo chrome. I love that all the palettes come with a brow bone/ highlight shade, a lid color, a crease, and definer shade. The palette is versatile as it can dressed up or down.

Wet N' Wild Walking on Eggshells is yet another Wet N' Wild palette I adore. The colors are soft and romantic, the brown adds just the perfect amount of definition. If you prefer a darker crease  you can easily build it up without experiencing fall out.

Availability- Wal-Mart &  the Real Canadian Super-Store
 Quo Back to Basics is gorgeous neutral palette, that was sold as a part of the holiday collection. The palette houses 12 rectangle shadows that range from a light champagne shimmer to a black. This palette has much variation, you can stick with a minimal eye, or a more dramatic eye for a night out. The shadows are also really soft, and smooth. One bonus is that the palette comes with both frosty and matte shades.

Essence Sun Club Palette in Long Beach- This is the palette I have been reaching for the most over the past couple of days, I saw it and instantly fell in love. It gives me the perfect golden eye! The Essence shadows are really good quality,  and they have an amazing color payoff.

Availability- Select Shoppers Drug Marts

What's your favorite Drugstore palette??

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Spotted at Shoppers Drug-Mart

I've been waiting for ages to re-purchase my Vichy Pro Even moisturizer, today I finally went out to Shoppers Drug Mart and picked it up. Well I was there, I had a quick browse and came across some new items. 

So first off is Essie's new Nail Appliques! The nail stickers are apart of the sleek collection. I definitely think they look very glamorous.
Essie has also released some new nail treatments. Included in the line is a top coat, nail strengthener, ridge filler etc.
Revlon has some new polishes, the glitter ones look very enchanting. The actual colors minus the pastel mint are bold; there's a royal blue, black, orange, and a dark teal. The glitter top coats remind me a lot of the ones in the double ended wand Revlon has released recently. The polish consists of a clear base, with decorative flakes.

I would have to say that I was most excited about the Essence Cherry blossom girl collection. I first saw two of the items on a blog that I love (SleepandWater). I didn't know if we would have the collection here in Canada but I was pleasantly surprised. Unfortunately the blush I wanted was not available, but they still had the lip pencils, paper doll lashes, and other goods. Now that I think of it I'd really like one of the polishes haha!
Lastly, are some new manicure stickers from Sally Hansen! (Quite expensive aren't they?!)
So have you spotted any new products lately? 

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Beauty Deals for Canadian Girls (Super-Store, Shoppers etc.)

Hey ladies!
I was looking through some newspapers and stumbled upon some great deals. I am especially excited about the the sales going on at Super-Store. I have been out of my favorite lip butter (Creme Brulee) for quite some time now, and have been waiting for it to go on sale, because I didn't feel like paying 7+ dollars for it. Likewise, the kissable balm stains are dirt cheap, these suckers usually retail for 8 or 9$ depending on where you go; shoppers being the most expensive. If you don't have a local Super-Store by you never fear, Shoppers has some select Revlon products on sale including, the infamous lip butters & the lustrous lip glosses. Also, to top it off Wal-Mart has the Maybelline Color tattoo's on as well, I remember paying 7$ dollars or so for the two I purchased a while back.
Happy shopping! Will you be picking up anything over the long weekend?

Thursday, 7 February 2013

January 2013 Empties

It's been quite the while since I've done an empties post because it truly takes me forever to finish up products. However, since some of these items were a being used on a daily basis they finished much more quickly! 

1) Cetaphil Cleanser- I just checked back on a former post to find out that I have been using this since August. I used it for a while, and then stopped and recently started up again because I had nothing else to use. I love the smell of this cleanser, it's gentle, calming; almost resembling the smell of baby oil. It's gets the job done, removes traces of foundation, and eye makeup. I would buy this again but I really want to try something else, so I may not get it right away. It definitely is a cost effective option, with it coming under 8$, it performs well, and lasts a nice amount of time. 

2) Nicole by O.P.I Drying drops- At first I absolutely hated these drops, I thought they were a complete waste of money. However,  I think the problem was the way in which I was applying the drying drops. I would apply my polish as usual, and then go ahead and place a drop or two on each nail. I don't know why I didn't wait longer but basically the nail polish did not have enough time to settle on it's own. It would get goopy, the polish did not dry, and my nails would be so messed up. You really should give your nails a brief moment to dry before applying these drops. Anyone know of any drop or top coat that makes your nails feel hard? (like a gel top coat/ shellac polish?). I would probably buy either another bottle of the drops or a different brand, like I said I really want something that's "ding" proof.

3) Loreal Foundation (True Match)- This is my second bottle of this foundation after I took somewhat of a break from MAC's studio fix fluid. I am honestly really satisfied with this foundation, it covers red spots, pimples and any discoloration. It does a nice job with scarring, however I do have one dark mark that I tend to use a bit  of MAC's Studio finish concealer on top of. Overall I would definitely re-purchase this again.

4) Dermologica Cleansing oil- I am so sad that this sample finished although it did last me quite some time. I felt that my face was thoroughly cleaned with this oil. It was my first attempt using a cleansing oil, I bought the Boscia one but didn't have a great experience with it so I took it back. I'm hoping to get this one soon. To read an in depth review click here

5) Miss Dior Perfume Sample- This was a nice elegant, and feminine scent, not overly fruity or juicy. I liked using it, but I have other sample to use up, so I doubt I'd take the plunge and buy it.

6) True Match concealer- Again very much like the foundation I had a positive experience with this product. I use it just to apply under my eyes. Let's just say you don't want to wear a full face of foundation this is perfect to just apply on the spots needed. It's easily bendable, and provides a good amount of coverage. 

7) Marcelle Lash Extension Plus- BESSSSST Mascara ever in my eyes. I tried to use a different mascara and was blown away to see how big of a difference there was when I don't use Marcelle's. It's been a highly raved about mascara and I'm so glad I got it! It gives my lashes lift, keeps the curl, gives volume and definition while remaining clump free. I highly suggest you all try it,..will I be buying it again, heck yes!

That's all for now, hope you all are well, enjoy your day!