Monday, 10 June 2013

Garnier BB Cream Miracle Skin Perfector (Combination to Oily Skin)

I'm sure many of you are super familiar with BB creams, they are everywhere! From Drug Store brands to High end brands, many companies have their own version of what is said to be a "beauty/ blemish balm". I've seen so many out there but had never tried any until recently. A while back I had tried the Aveeno tinted moisturizer but did not like it one bit, it was oily, sheer and burned my eyes. Despite this I've wanted to find a product that was suitable for summer because I did not want to be reliant on foundation all summer. I've been able to get my skin under control but I still have minor dark marks that I don't really like and therefore wanted something with a tad of coverage. I heard about the new Garnier BB cream for oily to combination skin, and watched many reviews on it. I noticed right away that the coverage was pretty amazing for a drugstore product. From what I've seen the BB cream eliminated redness, and  the appearance of pimples yet it did not look heavy or thick when applied.

Overview- The Garnier BB cream is intended for oily to combination skin tones. Overall it claims to helps make pores less visible, conceal unevenness including imperfections and  dark marks.

Packaging- The product comes in a slim tube with a screw off cap.  This product is extremely liquidy therefore when it's placed downwards and opened the product sometimes gushes out. Along with this, the inside of the tube is quite hard to keep clean. I find that the product is always gathered on the spout where the product is dispensed. It's not a huge turn off for me but if the packaging was formulated to accommodate the runny texture I think a lot more people would enjoy it.

Price- I paid approximately $13 for this product at Target. Wal-Mart tends to sell the product a dollar or so cheaper while Shoppers seems to be the most expensive out of them all.  You get 60mL worth of product, more than a foundation bottle which usually houses approximately 30mL. 

Texture- The BB cream itself is quite watery which you'll learn after watching and reading reviews. However despite the texture it still provides a generous amount of coverage. Even though it's on the liquidy side, it spreads and blends like a dream. One layer evens out any redness while a second layer or simply spot concealing (by adding more to the desired area) can help to conceal the unwanted marks/ pimples even more. After the product settles it's evidently matte almost a powdery finish, it also feels very soft. 

Pigmentation- The BB comes in two shades (possibly three);light medium followed by medium dark. I picked up medium dark because the other shade seemed too light for my complexion. At first when I applied I thought the the color match was amazing, however when I looked in the mirror right after applying in better lighting, it seemed a tad dark for my skin (not too excessive but I prefer something lighter than darker). 

Bare arm

With Garnier BB- Not sure if you can notice, but my arm has a powdery finish.

Things to note
- No chemical smell
-Does not feel oily or greasy
-Applies well with fingers, brush or beauty blender
-Sets fairly fast
- Blends out extremely well
-Great coverage
-Light texture when applied to the skin, feels smooth to the touch

Overall I am generally pleased with this BB cream, despite the slight color mismatch, it performs exceptionally well. I plan on getting the light medium shade and mixing the two to customize the color. If you are looking for a BB cream that will provide buildable coverage I highly suggest this product. Even if you just need evening out this Garnier BB will do the trick. Compared to other products I've researched this was the stand out one for me! be sure to watch some reviews on Youtube!

Have you heard of or tried this BB cream? 
What's your favorite BB cream?


  1. I heard this BB cream already and lots of raves but it's so hard to find in the market here in the Philippines! :( I hope I can find it somewhere. The last BB cream that I used was the Tony Moly Dear Me Petite. Thank you for this great review Ms. Sabina! :)

  2. Well I hope you come across it! It's a summer must have:)

  3. I haven't tried the Garnier one yet as I'm still stuck on the Marcelle one and have now picked up the summer editions of it in Bronze and Golden! Have you tried the Marcelle BB Cream?

  4. Hi Rhia,

    If you are having difficulty searching for BB creams in the Philippines try online shopping stores like Kallony.

  5. Hi, is there any update if this product is now avaiilable in the philippines?