Tuesday, 25 December 2012

My new love: Quo Back to basics Eyeshadow Palette

I have been using this palette, day after day, it's absolutely beautiful, and versatile! As soon as I saw this on a blog post I knew I had to have it, luckily my best friend beat me to it and I ended up getting it for my birthday. The palette comes with 12 shadows in a rectangular palette case. The colors vary from a frosty champagne white, to a darker black with bits of shimmer in it. For a day to day look I mainly use the brown shades, something light for the inner lid and a shade darker to bring depth to the eye.

Packaging: I love the appearance of this palette, it's elegant with some funk! It's black with beautiful gold detailing all over. The top opens up, and has a magnetic closure which I really like. The case will not accidently open, nor do I think the shadows would break if dropped. The palette also comes with it's own black "all over" shadow brush. It's flat, so it's great for spreading shadows across they eyelid.

Pigmentation: I'm pleased with the over all color pay off of the shadows, a decent amount of product picks up with a swipe. However, you may need to swipe once more for some intensity.

Formula: Smooth and silky, really easy to work with. The palette has two completely matte brown shades which is a nice alternative to the shimmery/ frosty ones.

Price: I think this is such a fairly priced palette, it's stunning and so versatile for a beginner or an expert. I love that it's of great quality, the overall appearance is beautiful and the price is just right coming in around $25!


What are your thoughts on this palette?


  1. I've heard so many good things about this palette! Looks lovely and is such a great price.

    Merry Christmas Babe!

    1. It is amazing, and you can't beat the price!!
      Thank you, hope your having a fabulous day:D

  2. I can't believe how close this is to the UD Naked Palette! If I didn't have that already I'd pick this up.

    1. Yea loads of people say it's a dupe! I love it:)